About the Film

Will Landis is a young marketing analyst in LA who makes a living out of labeling people. He thinks that he can tell you everything about everyone just by looking at their race, gender, ethnicity, and income. Which is ironic, because Will is actually clueless about the people closest to him. When Amy, his girlfriend of 4 years, finally becomes fed up with their relationship and announces she is breaking up with Will, it hits him like a ton of bricks.


Amy tells Will that she is unhappy with their relationship because it feels stagnant, and it feels like Will would rather choose a night playing videogames with his buddies, then spend a night spending quality time with her (she’s not wrong). She tells Will that she still loves him, but she needs to make a change. When Amy moves out of the apartment, Will is left all alone, and stuck with the mounting stacks of bills. In order to afford his LA apartment, he is forced to find a new, temporary, roommate. During an exhaustive interview process, he invites Lenny, the first regular guy that walks through the door, to come live with him for a month.


Turns out, Lenny is not regular... he is not even really a “guy”. “L” as they like to be called,

is genderfluid. They embody the gender spectrum by presenting as male, female, and everything in between. Naturally, this makes Will noticeably uncomfortable. Will is used to compartmentalizing the world, but L doesn’t “fit” in any category. So Will’s solution is to try to simply ignore his new roommate.


But before he knows it, Will finds himself swept up in L’s world. The two of them end up at a

mansion party in the Hollywood hills. Despite the party being filled with celebrities, everyone flocks to L. Presenting as their most feminine, L is fabulous, full of life, and unapologetically themselves.


It is hard for Will not to feel attracted to L’s personality... or be changed by it. That change

doesn’t remain unnoticed, as Amy can sense it immediately. One day she bumps into Will, and

their feelings for each other reignite. With Amy returning into the picture, Will, Amy, and L form

a new dynamic. They go on adventures together and experience all that life has to offer.


Will finally starts to open up... which is what Amy has always wanted from him. He is becoming the man that she hoped he could be, in no small part due to L. But while Will and Amy’s

relationship blossoms, a new challenge clouds the horizon. 


L came to Los Angeles to perform at the city’s largest, and most well-known, dance convention. The problem is - they feel they can only dance while presenting feminine. With the stress of the convention mounting, L can’t help feeling progressively more masculine. With the added anxiety and burden of self-imposed expectations, L falls into a deep state of gender dysphoria.


With support and encouragement from Will and Amy, L manages to get up on stage and dance as they are. L dances their heart out, and their dance is as beautiful as their spirit. L’s moment on stage redefines all norms about what a dancer should and could be. The audience watches electrified as L gives the performance of a lifetime.


The video of L’s dance goes viral, and it attracts some unwanted attention. Members of L’s conservative family show up in town, determined to get L back into a treatment center. 


Will jumps into action and creates a diversion, allowing L to escape a life filled with conversion therapy. However, that freedom comes at a cost. L is forced to flee once again. 


During an emotional goodbye, L tells Will that they are so grateful to have met Will, and that for the first time in their life, they feel like they have a safe home and a loving chosen family that they can come back to one day. Will assures L that they are welcome any time.


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